5 Things for Valentines Day

It’s tomorrow, Valentine’s Day.

I remember this day when I was little and in getting valentines from kids in class. Well things sure have changed as I know have a boy in grade 1 and am learning what it’s like to be on the other side of that.

What I’m about to share may be different then the regular run of the blog posts about Valentines. Personally I don’t make a big fuss.

Have a quick read and let me know what you think?

Here’s 5 things things for Valentines Day!

5: Make your own Valentines cards!

IMG_0072I’m a super frugal person. I just love a good homemade gift. I have hit up the dollar store last year for this day. Plus I was pregnant and wanted to get the ordeal over with. This year my son had a snow day and well, we made valentine’s day cards (hopefully he can hand them out this week).

I used to make scrap books and never got rid of my supplies, that sure come in handy. Plus with a day off from school for a snow day, I wasn’t going to drive to the store AND it used up lots of time.

4. Buy a Thrifted Vase

Thrifted JarFebruary happens to be my mom’s birthday month. For her birthday I wanted to get her a Vase with flowers.  I grew up antique shopping with my parents and I had a particular one in mind. I only went to 2 thrift stores before I found what I was looking for.

I paid $2.70  (Canadian) for this jug. It’s a little smaller than your normal vase. Plus knowing my mom she has lots of flowers from her garden what will fit well in this all summer long.

P.S. Smaller vase means smaller bouquet to buy = less money. Flowers are EXPENSIVE in February. Especially before Valentines day.

3:  Don’t Decorate

WHAT!! I’m a person that appreciates a well decorated space. In February, I don’t decorate for Valentines Day.  Umm, in our home we just had December, the house was decorated for Christmas. January was our son’s birthday = decorated.

I just don’t make a big fuss about the day.

Here I am blogging about it…

Maybe I’m just cheap. Or, I just don’t want to get caught up in the over commercialized day.

OR, I just like what my oldest has done and made little valentines notes on our bedroom doors with pink hearts all over them. I think I’m going to keep them up as long as I can (or as long as our 3 year old will let them stay up).

2: Take time for YOU

IMG_0070Here’s the harsh truth. Someone (maybe that’s you reading this) we know has lost someone they love in their life and being reminded that they don’t have that person to share Valentines Day with anymore, SUCKS.

Take time for YOU. I’ve come to learn to LOVE who I am.

If we LOVE who we are, we have more of ourselves to GIVE.

And then there’s #1.

1: Valentines Day happens EVERYDAY

I’ve always been taught and have come to learn the truth that there is an amazing love story happening everyday. Not unless you believe it will you see that and experience that truth.

I choose to Follow Jesus Christ. His love for us and from God in Heaven far out shines all the commercialized crap that the world sells you today.

That’s the truth I was taught and have come to know. The message I received through a song for 2019 was LOVE.

You are LOVED – Did you know that? Everyday!

Thanks for sticking to the end.

Hope some of this was helpful.

Carrie Lynn


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