Getting Home Decor and Garden Ready for Spring

Spring Home and GardenCan’t believe the official day of Spring is almost here. I’m so ready for it. My tulips are up and some of my crocuses are starting to bloom.

Here’s some things I’ve done to get my Home and Garden ready for Spring.

Spring Decor in our Home:

I have finally narrowed my Decor into ONE box. Yes, I’ve surprised myself too that I could contain myself to keep stuff in one box.

Here’s how: I keep all my Fall and Spring Decor in the SAME bin. I’m more of a simple decorator.

I’m all about keeping the decor on the cheap side and making it myself.

Plus I have an average size house, which is perfect. Less to clean. BUT we are working on improving some spaces in our home which means I’ll have more places to decorate.

I got my homemade grapevine wreath out and add some Spring bunches I put together just a few flowers on the wreath.

You can find my Homemade Grapevine Wreath here.

IMG_0125 (2)I love having this wreath on the door. I usually keep it up for Spring Summer and Fall.

I’ve also added a decorative box on my counter. The box and cookbook is hiding some tech stuff. Gotta make is pretty somehow, right?

I have some other flower bunches on the fireplace and my painted mason jars on our new table.

In the summer I add my own fresh flowers for the garden to put in the vases.

I actually had this all set up over a week ago. We had a little film done in our home and since it was done early March I was like, perfect time to get my spring decor out!!

Aside from my blog and decor being a great creative outlet for me I garden.

Getting my Garden Ready for Spring.

IMG_0121Our goal is to make Garden Boxes this year. I used to have a large one in the backyard when we bought the place. It was in the way and we took it down with plans to rebuild different ones. I’ll be sure to share before and after pictures when the new boxes are done.

I loved taking in the harvest from the previous owner when we bought. The greenhouse was PACKED with tomatoes. We learned to love making our own tomato sauce and don’t buy store bought sauce ever again.

I haven’t been able to keep the greenhouse happy since. It’s an art form I’ve learned. Need to do something with the soil apparently.

I’m adding a new Garden this year. Alongside having the boxes being built. I hope to get that Garden turned over soon.  More about that to come.

We are also ripping down our deck and rebuilding it. So our backyard is getting some much love this year. This will also make a great before and after posts. Here’s a teaser, you won’t believe what was growing on the deck when we moved in. I made sure to capture it!

For right now, I’m pulling out my seeds and seeing what’s there. Cleaning up the mess from winter. Looking forward to getting busy outside again. I’ve said it before, I love putting on my gumboots.

IMG_6849Love to hear how you decorate for Spring?  

Do you have a Garden?

What’s your Garden plans?

Please leave a comment I would love to hear your answers.

By the way, here’s the new table and the painted DIY mason jars, my view will blogging.


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