Taking Social Media Breaks

Taking Social Media Breaks 3It’s happening, I’m taking social media breaks. Boy is it worth it!

Here’s a look at the importance of social media breaks in our lives.

I noticed I was tired all the time. Plus I recently learned I have to have reading glasses now. As the eye doctor said, ‘just a normal sign of aging”. Ugh.  Thanks for the reminder.

If there is a message that I could get out there, this is definitely one of them.  The importance of self care and taking breaks. We all needs breaks. Isn’t that what vacation is about?  

Below is a picture from our Alberta vacation in summer of 2018

Summer 2018

This is a new topic I like to add to Notefull Living and that is Self Care.

I remember people getting annoyed over 10 years ago of noticing couples on their honeymoon on social media.  That just seems to be the norm now.

Recently I discovered I was super drained from everything. I shared on my music Instagram that life recently has been feeling like I’ve been faced with a difficult piece of sheet music to play.

When I’m drained and worn out, I’m not the person I want to be.

I took an evaluation of all that has been draining a lot of my energy.

Was it my kids? No, parenting has many things that come up and now having 3 I’m not surprised by what comes my way with the kids anymore.

Was it family? We all face life struggles and even though they look different we can still be there for each other.

Then I thought about how much I’m annoyed by my phone.  It’s not so smart considering it’s called a smart phone.  Seriously, it really isn’t.

I had already been deleting apps like YouTube.  That made a HUGE difference for me not wasting time. But something still wasn’t right.

That’s when I had enough and stopped going on social media.

I was in a blogging course and realized the lady I was taking the course with just took a 6 month break from Social Media. But, I noticed just like her business she runs online, as I took a break, my blog grew subscribers and so did my Instagram. It’s always running.

I can now understand and relate to Melissa Maker from Clean my Space when she says she hates cleaning. She has a YouTube channel, book, a cleaning cloth products she sells and owns a cleaning company, and hates cleaning.

I honestly hate being online, but I see the business potential that’s here and helping others online with stuff I’ve learned. It makes sense when she says she hates cleaning, in some weird backwards way.

I did a quick search on this topic and many many people recommend it. I didn’t even search if it was something I ‘should’ do, I just did it. I had a good gut feeling about it and it was worth it.

Have you taken a Social Media Break?Social Media Breaks

Did I get a lot done during that time? Yes, but not on the computer or my phone. I worked hard on the yard and in my house.  Made a flower garden. We got plans ready for another Reno we are doing. Made garden boxes and now have them mostly planted. Did lots of reading.

We just enjoyed life and family time.

Anyways, If you have been researching this topic and considering for yourself to take a social media break, do it. I just did a 3 weeks break on a whim and will definitely do it again.

I see taking a Social Media Break is much needed self care.

Self care is huge for YOU and everyone who comes into your life or is in your life will notice it.

Self care isn’t something I did very much in the past and oddly enough I sell Arbonne Products that’s a big part of self care. Selling the Product now gives me a whole different perspective with letting others know about it. You can find my link below.

As I shared before, if there is one message I could get out there is this one. Aside from my Faith Message, but I’m not here to be a bull horn Christian, just a witness.

I have a small handful of friends who don’t have social media at all. People look at them weird. They don’t care, they love every minute of not having the drama and emotional drain that comes with Social Media.

As of right now, I’m still going to stay on Social Media, but limit my time on it.  Or take the much needed breaks when I feel emotionally drained and overwhelmed.

You need to learn who your close ‘tribe’ is to help you out when you need it. I now use my e-mail list to reach out to close friends or just text them.  I’ve been making a big shift not to ‘lean’ on social media so much.

I want to make sure I can teach my kids how to be a good person and that will reflect that online in the future when they are connected to the internet.  

Hope this blog post was helpful.  

Love to hear your comments on this topic.

Definitely a conversation I think we should be having with ourselves and friends and family.