Family trip to Mexico

MexicoIf it seems like I was on a Vacation from blogging.  That’s because I was just in Mexico with our whole family.  This time last week we were heading back to the airport in Cancun to come back home to our very cold northern home in the Fraser Valley in Canada. It so happened to snow the week we got back.

IMG_8836This trip was a big first for me, I was just as nervous and excited as the kids.

So…Traveling with our family to Mexico.  Well this actually included my husbands WHOLE family. Yup, it was a big trip. Lots of people.

Our family researched the trip from the beginning.  Once the resort was picked out we found travel vloggers videos and watched all what we could find out.  We were traveling with our kids and I wanted to be prepared.

The flight there was fine, getting to the resort was really good.  No crazy driving or people hounding us at the airport which was surprising.  We had lots of people warn us.

IMG_8873Getting to our room was good and even though there was a time difference we settled in pretty quickly. We got there in time for the buffet for dinner. We really tried not to buy the airplane bistro food, knowing we were headed to an all inclusive was worth the wait for food.

IMG_8897It’s pretty easy to fall in love with the atmosphere there.  I loved the scenery, the pools and especially the beach. We didn’t clue in to wake up in time to catch the sunrise until our last day there.  This was what we caught just before the sun broke through the clouds.


The Gardner in me wants to find out what this plant is?  I absolutely LOVE the bright pink.  The grounds where something else with all the tropical plants everyone.  Plus the resident iguana that lived by our door.


Our second child was quick to comment his friends needed to come to mexico and visit us here.  Although at the end of the week he was getting homesick.

IMG_8837Our family loved the ocean. Our boys were in and out of the water.  We got our oldest for his birthday an underwater camera and we got some neat video of the fish in the ocean. My husband went snorkeling and got some video of the fish at the reef.

Our youngest didn’t know any different.  It was challenging to deal with naps.  She lived off watermelon and french fries at the buffet. I was excited to get this sweet picture with her by the ocean.

IMG_8867I learned a lot about going on a trip like this. My husband and I haven’t ever saved to go on one like this.  We have focused and worked hard at buying a good family home in the Fraser Valley.  Luxury trips like this weren’t an option.

IMG_0557 (1)There’s many stories and much more that I would share.  There’s a more important post I will be doing about this trip once we get closer to summer.

Hope you enjoyed some of these shots of our trip.  The resort was definitely nice.  For me, it’s the scenery and the ocean that got me more excited then the luxury lifestyle the resort offered to give.

Yes, no cooking, cleaning, making beds for a week was nice, but it’s also great to be home.

Any suggestions as to where my husband and I should go for our 15th Wedding Anniversary?