Basement Reveal

It’s HERE, We finally got some custom orders we have been waiting for arrive. We still have some things to finish, as most DIY reno’s go. Here’s our DIY Basement Reno.

Completed Playroom

We are so grateful for how this turned out. We thought we had to space this reno out. The funds became available and since we had the plans sorted out we got to do more then we thought possible.

So much of what fits in this cabinet was spread out throughout our house. Now it finally has a home. We’ve already been spending lots of our time down here with family movie and game nights.

We often (not this past year of course) host family and friends from out of town. We got this sofa that has storage in the chaise and pulls out into a bed. It’s almost always out. Plus the kids toys are already getting pulled under the pull out portion.

Work in Progress

Paint the Door, Paint the trim, install the trim, secure the bookshelf and create secret door for the storage….is just a few things that needs to get done yet. Yes – we found a fun solution for the under stair’s storage.

3 Doors…3 DOORS used to be in this space. It now opens up to my working desk area. The desk will also be multi purpose for a board game/puzzle table. We still have to make a simple desk, a folding table is working for now.

Oops. This picture turned out blurry. I’ve already be plugging away at my sewing machine making projects. I have some DIY stuff coming up that needs to be made. Plus lots of more blogging and a music ministry to get going.

Once We have this area more put together I’ll share that at a later time.

Until now we just enjoy the view.

This is our friend Rino Favlo’s photo. You can go to his website HERE. It’s been a dream of ours to start bringing in either our own photography on the walls or that of family and friends.

As our home is in the West Coast of Canada this picture suites our basement. Plus it’s covering our control panel.

I added some before photos here included in the video on YouTube. I DON’T miss how this used to be.

Hope you enjoyed this room transformation. I look forward to lots of great new memories in this space.

Coming soon on the blog, SPRING is in the air isn’t it?

See you on the next blog post.


Have a great day!

Carrie Plantinga – Home and Garden Blogger

Our First Reno – Townhouse Renovation

TownhouseI thought I would take a moment and share a past project.  This one was HUGE.  We bought our townhouse in 2010 and moved in January 1st 2011 and the renovations began the NEXT morning!

It’s only a GLIMPSE of what we did. I took a ton of pictures so I tried finding the best before and after.

I’m a sucker for home transformation and when it was finally our turn I was so excited!!

Here’s our Townhouse Renovation from 2011 – 2014

Front Entrance



Inspectors Photo during the purchasing process. We renovated so quickly I didn’t get much before pictures.



New Door – Floor Tile – Trim – Coat Hook – Electrical – Drywall – All the important stuff behind the walls and we can’t forget PAINT!

Front Hallway


Yikes – This is hard to look at.  It’s USED to be a huge mudroom, with a storage closet with Hot water tank and electrical and access to the garage PLUS the front door.  Oh, that window at the end in over the kitchen sink.  The townhouse USED to have a carport.  This used to be exterior.



New hallway and just a pass through window without cabinets blocking the view to the backyard.

Here’s a shot of the old front door.


We took it out – obviously.  This is the original front entrance where I’m standing taking the picture. The man with the hammer.  My handsome hubby.


We just had it as a more open area with old coat closet becoming a pantry.  Something I don’t have now and miss! Plus I had a storage cabinet there.  Townhouse – need all the storage you can get.




Truth – The best photo I have because it was so boxed in with walls and cabinets that were ready to fall. Cabinets had rat droppings on them and the light above the sink wasn’t secure and ready to fall into the kitchen sink at any moment.



Did you catch that?  We FOUND these stairs on the other side and it completely changed our design plan and ended up with a bigger kitchen.


Cabinet makers daughter here.  Solid Maple Cabinets with crown molding.  Yes – Solid cabinets.  Do I ever miss those cabinets.  Dreaming of a new kitchen again.  It’s SO nice.

Living Room



Again – Inspection photo.  This hurts my eyes, I can SMELL this place.  It stank so bad. Oh….did you see the GIANT mirror. Then there was this all over the walls.


Confused?  Vaulted ceilings.  We kept the top part and took down the rest.  What a job.


This place had 1970’s written all over it.  Orange Curtains!! We camped in our living room with camping kitchen.


Last living room shot.  That fireplace!




Downstairs 1/2 bath Before


Again, I shudder when I see this.



Don’t ask me why the lid is open. I loved the wainscoting we did in this bathroom.  The shelf was from the upstairs bathroom and fit better on the main floor.


Upstairs Bathroom Before




Just like my kitchen, it was hard to say goodbye to this bathroom when we sold this place.


I just realized the trim isn’t done in these photos.  It was before we sold it.

I took lots of pictures – never knowing I was going to blog in the future. We learned a TON during this and are already getting our current home into the planning process for some renovations.  Yes – We did have our first son in this place. Painting and Pregnant…


Hope this post was fun and inspiring too look at.  Some of the design is still current and some of it isn’t anymore.  It’s a townhouse complex so the exterior is all done by strata.  So there’s now photos of that.

What Renovations have you done?