Last Minute Halloween Prep

Halloween is tomorrow, need some help with getting ready.?Free Printable available for the Kids!

First I just want to share, Thanks for the feedback on my last blog post.  It’s a very personal thing to share and it’s just a part of my story in my life.

Soooo It’s that time at the end of October when we Celebrate Halloween. If participating in Halloween = Has to be cheap and I have NO TIME, you found the right post.

Tomorrow is Halloween.

Have a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEENI have lots of positive childhood memories of Halloween.  With what it is now, it’s not the same.

I grew up in the country and wasn’t bombarded like my kids are today with the gore that is plastered everywhere today. I have lots of interesting conversations in the car while driving around with my extremely observant children.

Commercialism and the overdone haunted like houses have seriously made me not so excited about it lately.

Our family doesn’t mind participating with Halloween it’s just not something we go out of our way to spend lots of money and have LOADS of decorations and spend lots on Costumes.

Since we don’t put much emphasis on the “Holiday?”, I’m ALWAYS running on the fly and doing everything last minute.

If that’s you and your doing things last minute, then your in the right place.

Here’s the top 3 things I do to still make it somewhat special and exciting for our kids.

Buy Pumpkins

I always make sure even to have the minimum for each kid in our family. We plan to grow a small pumpkin patch this coming year, hopefully I don’t have to buy them next year.

Make SIMPLE decor

I got a FREE Halloween Printable for you! I made this and printed it for my kids.  They got SO EXCITED.  They were quick to decorate our front door with it. My oldest son even found a book at school and was busy making ghosts.  My table was in a frenzy or paper, crayons, markers and scissors yesterday.IMG_0899


Can’t participate in Halloween without these. Well, sometimes kids do. I’ve seen them. I think we all have a good story of the perfect Halloween costume.

Here’s the thing.  My kids may ooh and ahh at the rack at the store with all the brand new ones.  I walked right passed.  I’ve only bought one costume ever.  I get lots of thrift-ed or hand me downs or yup, you guessed it handmade.

Pinterest to the rescue. It’s seriously saved us so many times for quick on the fly costumes that the kids love.  Even better they love to help make them.

Amazing what you can create with a permanent marker and a t-shirt.

This year we started with a homemade costumes and trying to use what we have, however $6 for 3  costumes for ALL my kids was a pretty sweet deal.  We choose to go with what we found at the thrift store. Kids wanted to sleep with their costumes on tonight.

Remember I said I don’t get to excited about it.  I have barely ANY pictures of the handmade costumes. The kids play with them year round and they get trashed.

It’s so rush rush with Trick or Treating and hubby coming home from work and someone has to stay home to hand out Candy, I hardly get pictures.

So, I hope this was short enough to get some quick ideas and have something for the kids to do and colour.

Was any of this helpful?  Let me know.  Is there something you like me to expand on for a future post about kids and Halloween?

Let me know in the comments below.