Date Night Surprise

Here’s a ‘day in the life’ piece about a date night surprise my husband and I just had.

Date Night Pic

I’m going to take a pause to my regular writing and share a “Day in the Life”.  This day was a big one for our family and it was a surprise for sure.

It all started with a date night my hubby and I had been planning (but not planning) for a while. Why were we so indecisive? We were pregnant with another baby and the timeline was coming to an end for the baby to arrive. Arranging a sitter can be tough for us and the movie my hubby wanted to see was close to being out of the theaters.

This all happened on a Friday.  My husband took the day off to attend a field trip with our son and was gone all day. I had a friend over for a play date and lunchtime hit and I knew something was different.  I was 35 weeks pregnant and just a short backstory – My other births were c-sections; one without labor at 36 weeks and my other c-section I labored and it started with contractions.

3pm came and I picked up my husband and son from school and we briefly discussed how I was feeling and we decided to go ahead with our date night anyways. Our reasoning was “if something happens, someone’s watching the kids”, we both didn’t speak it but we didn’t want anything to happen.

We were at the theater and halfway through the movie, after 2 trips to the bathroom, I knew we weren’t going to see the end of it. I stood up to go a third time to go to the bathroom and now know what it feels like to have your water break in public.

I turned to my husband to tell him we had to leave, he just thought I was going to the bathroom again. By the way, trying to communicate to each other in a movie theater is near impossible. I thought he was behind me while I tried to leave, turned and realized he wasn’t behind me by the time I made it to the door. I walked back to him texting me “do you want to leave?” – “NOW”, was my response. He looked up to see me standing there pointing to the door.

With having high risk pregnancies and having this one a scheduled c-section date, my husband admitted when we had our last child he always pictured a “race to the hospital” when it came to his wife having kids. Well, date night was over because we were “racing to the hospital”.

At the Hospital we discussed the long to do list of things to get done and what we were going to do the next day to help prep for this little one coming. Surprise – that’s not happening, time to wait now for our c-section. My husband was amazing and got all the kids arranged and off to their grandparents and threw together a hospital bag for us. By the way – our first we had to do the same thing (came early), but it was only our hospital bag and diaper bag that wasn’t packed.

With everything that happened, there was so many positives for this surprise. Even though I had to wait 21 hours on just IV – No food, we have our baby.  I walked to my surgery, not rushed because something was horribly wrong with me or baby, like in the past. Another bonus, they let my husband cut the chord, that’s never happened before.

Final bonus to our surprise, I wasn’t alone in the recovery room right after surgery. They turned the corner to my little recovery room and there was my husband with our daughter. She did need to go to the NICU for a short time, but she was back in our room with us.

In some ways our date night continued. No, we didn’t get to finish our movie BUT, we had time together in the hospital and after when we got discharged to go home. We had another day at home without our other kids and enjoyed the quiet.

Our new bundle is very content and quiet, we even commented it was like being newly weds with a newborn.  Our last morning together we had a special breakfast and then prepared the house as much as we could until the boys came home.

Here’s a little sneak peak of our new family member.


She is a big blessing to our family and is very special.  For now, we are adjusting to the new family life and I’m recovering from another c-section.  When life settles a bit more I’ll be more consistent with my blog.

Have a great day!