Fall 2020 Home Cleaning and Organizing

The time had come. Summer is gone and colder weather means more time indoors. I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way but the Fall home cleaning and organizing can seem like an overwhelming task.

I’m not here to promise you some fast and easy tips. But I can take you along with me and how I do it.

Fall Home Organizing

At some point you pause and look at the mess you’ve been walking around and dig in to deal with it. This was the state of just our living room a few weeks ago. I had had enough.

Problem is – We have a reno started in the basement. As most DIY projects go, it’s slow. This means our kids toys are in transition from the basement playroom to their bedrooms. On the way, they literally took over our living room.

Here’s a few areas I covered:


Sorted and rotated all the kids clothes. My husband and I have a fairly minimal wardrobe so ours didn’t need it. Also sorted toys and made the kids clean out under their beds. Plus switched around dressers.


Glass bin was taken to the recycling depot. We also took 7 bags for the bottle return to get some cash back from all the cans we collected during camping. FYI – we don’t drink that much. Our kids collect cans and then get a cut from the money we get back.

Textile recycling – I always keep a bag going of ripped, torn or stained clothes or bedsheets and recycle it to a local Thrift Store.

Thrift Store:

I ended up having 4 boxes in the end. Old decor, toys and kids stuff they have grown out of .

Dump Run:

This is becoming a regular thing around here. With an old house that needs work. At least twice a year now we are doing a dump run. We had a stash beside our house that needed to go.

1: Just START!!

I knew I needed to deal with my kids clothes. It’s like the snowball affect. Start in one spot and let it just keep rolling. I needed the clothes cleared out and switched over in our daughters room.

Then I went to the boys room. The process took MUCH longer. 2 boys sharing a room. Plus saving clothes for the next kid is still happening. At least with my daughter I can just pass off what doesn’t fit her and pop it into a bag for a friend.

I managed to get ALL her current clothes in the top 3 drawers plus one of the bottom drawers and the rest of the drawers in the next sizes for her. It’s much easier to manage now and pick out her outfits.

2: Clean as you Go!

This room got out of control with 2 boys sharing it. So much stuff was under the beds and so forth. This room took close to a week to deal with. It’s small, but they have a lot of stuff.

We included them too. We believe it’s important that they learn to take care of their stuff. That’s a big reason why it took so long. It’s only been a few days since it looks like this, hope it starts sinking in for the boys.

4: Sort through the unexpected areas

I ended up going through shoe bins, snow pants and toys. I had 2 pairs of size 3 and size 6 snow pants. I don’t have twins in my house. Those were taking up space!

Yes – My entrance is super small, so sorting and purging is very needed. We have a large house, yet this split level entry keeps my on my toes of keeping it clean and organized.

As I said – snowball affect. It’s fall and I even pulled out the winter bins to double check if I needed any shopping to do or if I had stuff to get rid of.

By this point I had 3 bags of clothes for a friend, 4 bins for the thrift store, 7 bags of bottles to return and a bin for glass recycling.

5: Make money

I’m personally not a huge fan of posting Facebook market place items online. But, when I have some items I’ve bought and still have decent value I’ll put them up for sale.

I was able to make some extra cash on hand for our family. I still have more items to post. I’ve learned to only post an item at a time and post the next one once the current one is sold and picked up.

No – We didn’t sell our Table. Just sharing this as a reminder of what great deals you can find for second hand. This set we found on Market Place.

6: Enjoy and Relax

This took close to a month, between back to school and my ministry work starting up again to get this together. Plus we have had a new addition to our family that I look forward to sharing soon.

So yes – sit back and enjoy all the hard work you have done, maybe spend that extra cash you made on your self.

Full Video found here!

Are you doing any home fall clean up and organizing?

Fall Home Decor Tour 2020

Hey, It’s been super busy around here for our family with school starting. I haven’t had much time to keep up with content. Until now, now that we are getting our new routine with 2 in school and such.

So, it’s passed the date that it’s officially fall. I don’t get my decor up until middle of september. I just can’t bring myself to get stuff up in August still. Fall decor around my birthday is just weird.

Fall Home Decor Tour


Lets start outside at the front of our house. If you’ve been following me for a while you know I love the outdoors. When I can get natural decor pieces for my front door or even inside I’m so excited.

One of my neighbors cut down a huge tree so I grabbed a few BIG stumps. Plus an added bonus I grew pumpkins this year and have just enough for decor out front and lots to make pies and soup with!

I picked some hydrengeas from my purple bush. Next year I want to make sure I dry them properly. Here’s also another stump. The down side of using natural decor like these stumps in the sap that’s oozing out. Again, super excited for the pumpkins.

This year I skipped the wreath. I figured this was enough. My front area isn’t that big and have learned not to overdue it. Although it’s super tempting to do that.


Last year we took down our TV from above the mantel. I’m so glad we did. I took down my old barn window and made this chalk art.

My kids were annoyed that Mom was creating and not them.

I kept it super simple this year and has me considering purging the rest of my fall decor.

Also in my living room is my piano. I’m pretty sure it’s not trendy to have mason jars as decor anymore. In my house they still are. I just switch out the bunches of white flowers I usually have for these nice fall looking leaves.

Here’s our kitchen table. This is a table runner I repurposed from curtains I bought that were too long. Again, I kept it simple. This set up I can easily move aside for meals and after cleaning the table just slide it back.

I’ve been doing a bunch of fall cleaning and happened to move this little table to the other side of this wall. If you watch my video you will see I had it on the other side.

I love the thankful, handmade sign from my sister in law.

I’m super grateful how it all came together. Simple and not over done. I love decorating. I find it to be a great outlet.

Here’s the latest video. Now that I’m done decorating the kids get to have fun with the chalk board and display their art above the fireplace. Got to love rainy fall days!

How about YOU?

Did you decorate for Fall?

Preserving the Harvest 2020

preserving theIt’s September 2nd.  I’m still here.  Just super busy with getting a camping trip in and then coming home to my garden and bringing in the harvest.

For me this is the best part.  I love seeing the plants start and grow from seeds.  An added bonus, my husband went out and bought a TIMER with a splinter and my garden and greenhouse got water twice a day while we were gone.

I’ll write a post next year in how we set it all up.

You can watch our camping video here:

I hope you got a chance to get out this summer.

Garden Harvest + September =  CANNING SEASON

We stopped in Keromeos BC, Canada on our drive back and bought peaches and salsa making supplies. It’s a great place to go and visit if you live in BC.  It’s right next to wine country, how could you not stop!

Picking the Harvest

I’m so grateful.  My garden is STILL pumping out harvest.  I’ve done a fall garden as well this year and things are still growing strong. I must say though….the weather has definitely shifted. Fall is coming quickly.


I think this is round 3 of Harvest that I got this year. Lots of Tomatoes – Kinda thought I would have more, but that’s fine.  LOADS of beans. I’ve been getting good at making Rhubarb juice and using that more smoothies. I sadly lost my lettuce, which we loved having fresh most of the season.

Since this photo, I’ve been able to get more yet. Plus small fall Harvest that I planted. I can’t get over how abundant this year has been. I still feel like a new gardener as there’s lots to learn but I think I’m starting to turn a corner.

Preserving the Harvest

Now that everything is getting ready to pick it’s GO TIME. I’ll be honest and admit it’s tiring to do canning and I’m only doing a small scale.

IMG_2052I get help.  I don’t do it all on my own. My mom has come over to help with the Apple Sauce (she has an awesome machine that I borrow), plus she came and helped with the pears just now.

61939602015__140C4C82-8A8F-48D2-821C-7FEBA57D89F1My sister in law and husband LOVE their salsa so she pitches buying half the supplies and we all do Salsa together.  My husband comes home from work and he comes for the adding spices part which he enjoys.

The Strawberry Jam and Beans my husband and I did, plus a friend came over and helped with processing the beans.

Do your research if your starting out.  It’s easier and simpler then you think.

Make sure you ask a friend to help whose done it before or ask to come over when they are doing it.


We are working on our storage room again and I had to move all my canning at the moment. It made for a nice picture I think!

Here’s a video that I made for YouTube where I take you along with me.

Other ways we Preserve:

Just a last thing to note. We have often frozen most of our harvest with a vacuum sealer.  I usually have my blueberries, blackberries, beans and apples in the freezer.  As I shared in the video we have a whole pig coming so I’ll need the space.

We also have a smoker and in the future I would like to dehydrate the harvest as well.

Last few thoughts to leave you with.  I’ve been feeling strongly about being self sufficient or being more PREPARED in general. Life is getting more challenging and being prepared is more important then ever.

I’m grateful I have a simple lifestyle and don’t need lots of “things” to be happy.  It makes me very happy that I have some food to have on hand that was fresh and freshly preserved.

How about you?  Are you prepared if there is an upcoming food shortage?

Do you can and preserve?



Planting a Fall Garden

Planting aI’ve been working hard again this week.  As much as I’ve been gardening on a small scale for a couple of years, this year is different.

The urgency to complete my larger garden plan a year ahead is strong and I can’t ignore that.  Especially with this pandemic, I foresee bigger issues with food in the near future.

Something I recent learned is I can plant still for the FALL?? Maybe you already knew that.  I didn’t and I was excited to know that in my seeds collection I still had some of the seeds I learned about to plant already.

IMG_1949Lots of people are planting victory gardens and well, gardening during this pandemic sales are going well for seeds. I’m glad I had some in my stash instead of going out to the store to find there not any left.

Fall Garden Planting

IMG_1904I harvested my garlic and had a lot of space in my box to plant more seeds. Plus I finally attacked my weed ridden back corner of my yard and got more seeds in the ground!

IMG_1909It was lots of hard work.  I see it lots in the gardening community the saying that “Gardening is my therapy”! It fully is for me. That could be a whole other blog post on that topic.

What did I plant?

IMG_1914I planted 3 rows of Carrots in the garden box.

IMG_1948A row of Cauliflower and a row of zucchini. Wire is for puppy protection!!

IMG_1947Plus more Kale.  I had a full box of strawberries and dug some up for a friend so I had some space to add more kale plants.  My row of kale only came up with 3 plants.  So I finished off the seed pack to see how many I actually get.  I guess my seeds where getting old.

Back to Eden – Garden plan

I have 2 other beds I plan to make.  I’m making the transition to do a “Back to Eden” Garden. I started adding mulch to my tomatoes and they are doing very well.

IMG_1917My thing is planting in zone 8b in July = HOT SUMMER.  Having to water less with Mulch and good compost over the seeds helps having to water less. I was blessed with a layer of mulch for my flower beds last year and I barely have to water.  It’s just a covering not even the 6 to 8 inch layer.

IMG_1910I worked hard to use what I had and sifted the bark mulch by our play area. Then used the thicker stuff on top after planting my seeds.

I’ll know by next week if my seeds start coming up.


IMG_1956We have been steadily eating out of our garden and it’s been a real difference for our family to have fresh food. Fall Planting helps extend that ability to eat fresh all summer and into the fall.  Plus there’s lots to start preserving with to keep over the winter months to eat.

Do you plant for Fall?

What do you have in your Garden?



Garden Tour 2020

2020 updateThis year seems like a different year then others don’t you think?  In some ways I see blogging as like an online Journal. As a Home and Garden Blogger sharing updates of my garden each year is like a journal entry I can look back on and see what my Garden was doing in mid July 2020.

I haven’t shared a gardening post in a while.

Truth be told.  I had HUGE breaks in my blog posts over the last couple years, why? I was busy gardening.  I fully believed I wasn’t good or worthy enough to share it. Although I always knew I should include it and share what I’m doing.  This year I’m not going to do that.

Garden Tour 2020

Ok – This year has either been incredible for some places.  Not where we live.  I’m actually in an amazing growing zone 8b. Yet 2020 and the gardening groups in my local area are ALL struggling with their gardens.  Mine – Just seems slow.  It’s weeks behind where it was previous years.

Current photo taken July 15.  My family in Ontario have bigger spaghetti Squash then mine, I’ve seen lots of harvest posts from people in Saskatchewan. Here…is my 4 raised beds.


My Best thing going – Tomatoes and Snap Peas grown in the greenhouse. Strawberries, Garlic, Lettuce and Rhubarb from the raised beds.  Some of my herbs are super happy this year too.


My 4 year old told me clearly when the strawberries ripened in June he won’t eat the green ones.  I had a minimal harvest last year, now I know why. This year he waited till they turned red.  Our youngest who is 2 discovered the strawberry patch this year.

I don’t mind that the kids know where food comes from and where to find a snack.

Still not a big enough strawberry harvest for me to make my own jam out of it, but exciting to have some in my backyard.


Photo from above was taken in June, it has still been my best first mini harvest.  I’m used to much more at this time. I just harvested Garlic today and I plan to plant more more plants.  I’ve learned I can and hope to extend the growing season in July.  I live in a good zone to be able to do that.  Here’s hoping.

Green House Success!

Want to hear a good and funny story.  I was NOT laughing a couple of years ago when I ripped out massive tomato plants that produced nothing but blossom rot and tomatoes that ripened weird.

Fast forward to last week when my neighbor told me about a compost area we had our our property. It used to be a dog run. UMM….I used that soil for my greenhouse the same year I had major issues with my plants.

Notice I have my tomatoes in POTS!! Those look like healthy Roma’s to me.


I’m just happy to overcome this frustrating year I had and found a way to still use my greenhouse and not have another awful year.


Hard to capture, I love the view when I’m in here looking out into our yard.

Cut Flower Garden – In progress

I made a new garden last year.  It’s a memorial Garden. It’s still in progress as I figure out what to grow here. It’s somewhat of a challenging spot in this part of the yard as there is a massive willow in our neighbors yard near it.

Any Cut Flower suggestions let me know.


A better view of this garden is on this weeks video on YouTube linked below.

Front Garden

Here’s some highlights. I will be pulling up most of these beds and redesigning them. My husband I have kept them looking half decent. However, I’m about ready to start fresh with this space.


Love these roses. I counted more then 40 blooms on this bush this year.


A recent addition of Spanish Lavender from my plant haul this year.


An old co-worker of my husband from years ago heard I had a garden.  He came home with a bin of Day Lily’s the next day.  It took a few years for them to bloom – They are sure lovely this year.


This hydrangea I saved and moved from the backyard.  It originally was where my raised beds are. I took 4 years for it to bloom this full. I’ve been asked to do a post on Hydrangea’s.  I really don’t feel like an expert on these plants. I must be doing something right though?  This bush is becoming a favorite.


I’ve been waiting for 6 years to have another bush like this one.  I know this as ‘painted willow’.  When my husband and I got married we were surrounded by the tree variety of this type of bush. My husband got me 2 for mother’s day.


This is also another mother’s day gift.  I’m waiting in anticipation for this to bloom. All I remember is it being called ‘Candelabra’. The blooms change colors into the fall.

As I mentioned my front garden is all over the place and due for a make over.  I’m just sharing the highlights.

As you can see it makes for great bouquets for my home. My picked flower haul from my garden before I make them into bouquets for my home.


Here’s the FULL video from YouTube

Please let me know if there is something you want me to explain more on in an upcoming post.

I have lots of more content coming for our Home and Garden.











Dining Room Flooring Upgrade

Updgrade FlooringAs we are making changes to our home again, I want to share with you updates we have done in the recent past that’s made a massive impact for our family and home life.

In 2017 we upgraded our flooring.  We had an extra vehicle we didn’t need and sold that and went out the bought flooring for our kitchen/dining room.

This happened to be a cheap and simple renovation that has had a HUGE impact. People who come over to our home still comment on the difference this has had.



This was just after we moved in in 2014. This is how our townhouse was set up, this was only a little bit bigger.  The difference was we could have our table leaf in to make it full size.  We had it like this for a few years until it wasn’t working anymore.

I had my “Love it or List it” moment while pregnant and could barely get out from behind the table.


This right here is WHY we never put our table in it’s proper space. The carpet….Young family and carpet was a NO GO.

The day finally came for the flooring to be installed.

Interesting thing is I was already blogging and didn’t really document the process. I was in my test phase of how to blog and very green back then.



I still today look at this space and am super happy with how this turned out.

We bought this second hand table on Market Place for a steal and the chairs got an upgrade with slip covers.

There’s still some updates that need to get done, however, we are super grateful and thankful to be able to host big dinners now that we have the space to do so.


I’m thoroughly enjoying picking flowers or doing small table decorations on the top.

In the video I made for YouTube you can see my DIY table runner and canning jar DIY.  I had no inspiration with the previous table to do this.

Today the upgrade conversations continue to happen as we have started a few projects and had some major issues come up and had to halt on them.

This is the year to get them DONE. We are not expected to really go anywhere and lucky YOU get to follow along on our updates as we do them.

The amount of flooring the needs to be done in this home is pretty much the entire house, no joke, true story!

Have you installed new flooring?

Which room did you do?

Other Reno’s we have done, you can find those posts here:

COMPLETE Townhouse Reno

Outdoor Deck Before and After

Basement Demo

Garden/Backyard Before and After

Subscribe if you want to find out what we do next !



Demo Day – Basement Renovation

Demo Day

I started a project. My husband and I have spent hours talking over which Reno to do next after we 90% completed our deck Reno. We still have a few more touch ups.  It’ll get done. That will be up on YouTube as well.

Our deck Reno you can see here

Basement Reno

I remember walking through this house before buying it.  I went through it without my husband and later took him through it again. We both thought the basement was weird.  The layout is just OFF.

Either way we bought this house. Right away I noticed this unsafe boarded up fireplace.  During the showing it was a bedroom so I didn’t pay close attention to how bad it was.



This served as our kids playroom.  We also had a hide-a-bed in here.  We just gave it away. So now we had more space.  We made the kids go through their toys.  I moved the bookshelf out and this past weekend, with the help of my sister in law, we started tearing into this wall.

It was wall to wall of painted paneling. It had this weird boxed out thing on the ceiling – which we now know has to STAY. There’s a gas pipe dropping down into our ceiling. I’ve watched enough design channels and shows to know how to make this a part of the future design.

Here’s a video of our progress:

I just recently started this YouTube channel – mean a lot if you subscribe.



We uncovered an UNUSED fireplace. Our home is around 40 years old. There was never a fire in this fireplace.

From a design perspective this fireplace is even worse now that it’s exposed.  We will board it up properly this time.  Our basement is COLD so we will be properly insulating this.


As promised in the video at the end, I’ll share my design ideas with you. We have a few options my husband and I have been tossing around.

No – It’s not smart to start a project and not know what you have planned for the Reno in the end. Our deck we planned it out and it made a massive difference in the long run.

This will be an entertainment wall for the whole family.  I have board games and stuff everywhere in our house because it never had a home.

Are you doing any Reno’s right now?


Reclaimed Canada Flag Wood Sign

Reclaimed Wood signCrisis Homeschooling is DONE and it’s SUMMER BREAK!! We already have been 2 trips, one camping trip locally for Fathers Day Weekend and just got back from a trip to see Family in Williams Lake.


Today is Canada Day!  My husband and I have been busy working on a project.  We had a gate blown down from the wind and ended up hiring someone to build a new one.  So we had really nice weathered fence boards.

Video of the process is also on YouTube.

Reclaimed Canada Flag Wood Sign

Step One:

Find wood or buy some and set it out to measure it.


We just copied the size of our Canadian Flag to keep it simple. We also had a space for this to fit in our outdoor Patio.


Step 2:

Cut support boards for the back side.  Measurements depend on how big your flag is.  My husband also counter sinked the holes for the screws.



Step 3:

Make the Maple Leaf Template. This was an interesting challenge to trace the leaf through a large piece of paper. I explain this lots on the video I made for You Tube.



Step 4:

Pin the paper down too the wood.  Then Paint!



I started with the edges and made sure to go with the grain of the wood. Then I filled it in.


It’s starting to come together!

Step 5:

Measure out where the Side lines will go.  Again – We kept it simple and referred to the flag to where the tap should go.

Then Paint the Sides!  Our boys helped with this next part.



Remember to paint the edges!!!

Step 6:

Put in Eyelets and Hang it up!



Tip: My husband set his small level on the top of the sign to make sure it was level when he hung it. It’s up to you how you choose to hang your sign.  We have a an overhang over our patio where we could screw the other eyelet into and use mechanics wire to secure it.



It may seem big but it actually fits this space.


It’s a great addition to our outdoor patio – full tour is found here.

Here’s a video version of how we made this!


Simple RV Decor

simpleWe just had a great weekend.  We mostly stayed off our phones and just spent time with our kids. We did something for this Father’s Day weekend that we do a lot and that is camping.

I LOVE watching all the trailer reno videos on You Tube.  You Tube is something I just started doing with an addition to my blog.  Go on over and read my You Tube Announcement!

We all need breaks.  I talk about that over here on the blog and share my views on this often.  Rest is so important.

Simple RV Decor

Something super restful for me to do is making home decor. When it comes to our trailer, I would love to re-do it, but that’s not a project we are into doing. So to help make some personal touches I added some DIY decor.

1: Upcycled Basket


This required some minimal sewing skills. I repurposed an old pillow case for this.  Plus spray painted an ice cream container.  Our little bathroom in the trailer has some storage.  Just nice to have some things easy to grab and in a cute basket.

The full video on how I made it is below.

2: Faux Drying Lavender


I had fun with this one.  I just cut off a pick of lavender I had from the dollar store and then took twine and hot glued it together on the back.

I used command hocks to install it in the trailer. Easy to remove and doesn’t leave a mark behind.

Full video on how I made it below.

3: Welcome Sign – FREE Printable


I made this sign and was super happy how it turned out.

It says “Welcome to our cabin (on wheels)”

I also painted the pot for the little faux greenery white, used to be black.

Since this blog post is full of simple decor ideas.  I made it a FREE printable.

You can get the FREE Printable Free Welcome Sign

Here’s the full video tutorial


I’ve got lots more camping blog posts on the blog.  Be sure to check them out!

Do you have an RV? 

Something we love having for our family.


Blog addition: You Tube

Blogging addition_It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog.  However, I’ve been very busy getting some additions to my blog. I have a short blogging announcement.  Which I’m pretty sure you already can guess what it is.

If you follow me on Social Media you already know I’ve made this leap.

Aside from relaxing with my hubby in this space for many nights with our fire pit here.  Gotta take the breaks when you can.

Even though places are opening up here in BC, we are still hanging low at home.


Blog Addition: You Tube

I’ve been curious to add YouTube since the beginning of my blogging journey and decided to just do it once my blog had growth.  Which I where I’m at now.

I have a few videos up already.

Here’s a first Welcome Video based off the last blog post I made.

I’ll be upfront and honest, it a bit scary.  If we live our lives in our comfort zone then that’s a boring life to live.  I’ve lived in my comfort zone for years. Not unless you’ve broken out of your comfort zone do you know what I mean. Seriously, try it!!!

I’m grateful for a husband that loves going on adventures and pushing me to be brave and have fun in life.

Before I took the leap I asked for his opinion.  We both agree that it can’t take away from family time or my first responsibility and that is the kids.

Honeymoon 062
HoneyMoon in 2008, Banff Alberta!


Video Tutorials

As a Home and Garden blogger, making tutorial blog posts are still possible (obviously), just a video ADDS to seeing how I do things.

Like this video about Stringing Tomato Plants….

This Gardening Video I made with a request from a family member.  It would be hard to do this tutorial in a blog post, hopefully this video is helpful.

I’m still learning, and I’m enjoying the adventure.  I’m super low tech with my iPhone and the iMovie app, yet it seems to be more simple then I think.


Be super awesome if you would subscribe to my NEW YouTube Channel.  I’ve been enjoying all the connections I’ve been making here on my blog and look forward to who I’ll connect with on YouTube as well.

As always, have a great day!

What have you been doing lately that’s NEW and out of your COMFORT ZONE!