Simple RV Decor

simpleWe just had a great weekend.  We mostly stayed off our phones and just spent time with our kids. We did something for this Father’s Day weekend that we do a lot and that is camping.

I LOVE watching all the trailer reno videos on You Tube.  You Tube is something I just started doing with an addition to my blog.  Go on over and read my You Tube Announcement!

We all need breaks.  I talk about that over here on the blog and share my views on this often.  Rest is so important.

Simple RV Decor

Something super restful for me to do is making home decor. When it comes to our trailer, I would love to re-do it, but that’s not a project we are into doing. So to help make some personal touches I added some DIY decor.

1: Upcycled Basket


This required some minimal sewing skills. I repurposed an old pillow case for this.  Plus spray painted an ice cream container.  Our little bathroom in the trailer has some storage.  Just nice to have some things easy to grab and in a cute basket.

The full video on how I made it is below.

2: Faux Drying Lavender


I had fun with this one.  I just cut off a pick of lavender I had from the dollar store and then took twine and hot glued it together on the back.

I used command hocks to install it in the trailer. Easy to remove and doesn’t leave a mark behind.

Full video on how I made it below.

3: Welcome Sign – FREE Printable


I made this sign and was super happy how it turned out.

It says “Welcome to our cabin (on wheels)”

I also painted the pot for the little faux greenery white, used to be black.

Since this blog post is full of simple decor ideas.  I made it a FREE printable.

You can get the FREE Printable Free Welcome Sign

Here’s the full video tutorial


I’ve got lots more camping blog posts on the blog.  Be sure to check them out!

Do you have an RV? 

Something we love having for our family.


Lake Life

Lake Life, is quickly becoming a big part of my life.

Yes, I’m all about sharing our lives in the suburbs and sharing with my kids every ‘country’ moment I can give them…but then there’s vacation time.

We have 18 Summers with our kids. Like the little one in the picture, I now have 17 summers left with her.

life is better at the beach

We are now back to “normal life”. I honestly haven’t thought of our home much over the past 2 weeks. Our Travel trailer is so much like a second home, I only have a brief glimpse in my mind of my kitchen back at home.

Looking over my laptop is a view I can’t describe or even capture on camera.  You just gotta be here to soak it up.img_7850

Many people walk by our campsite, stop and point wanting to make sure they can get this site in the campground we stay at in the future. 

Lake Life, is sure peaceful. As my sister in law put it, this is where her fondest childhood memories come from is camping every summer. 

Our kids fast embraced camping, especially camping with family. As I said before, we have 18 summers with our kids. This camping trip means time with my in-laws and our kids spending time with their grandparents. This summer an Aunt is along. 

So grateful to watch our kids overcome their fear of water.  Plus the kids watched mom get over her fear of going behind the boat. img_7887

There was so many ‘firsts’ this trip. Lots of flat tires on the stroller and my sons bike. My first time camping with the kids while my husband went to work. My middle son got stung by a bee! Wouldn’t be possible with the extra helping hands of my in-laws. Don’t worry, my husband was back for the second week with us.

I also got over Cooking with a gas stove  (isn’t my kind of cooking). Trying to not get food in the grill as I’m stirring.  Plus trying to put my minimalist skills to the test, didn’t really work. I think I need more pantry space!IMG_0661

Camping right on the water on a lake is the cheapest we are going to get to ‘beach front property’. Spending our days mostly in our bathing suits. When it gets to hot on shore, we just hop in the lake to cool off. 

Sitting by the lake at night by the campfire (fake I might add), seeing the lights on the water and listening to the water on the shore. It’s what keeps bringing our family back every summer. 

We’ve sat at night watching the lightning storm, and got rained out hanging out at the local amusement park.

Our kids loved the boat rides, tube rides, bike rides, exploring, splashing in the water and I just loved soaking it all up with them while I got ‘moments’ to soak up the sun. 

Do you go camping by a lake? Which one?

Do you camp with family?


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5 Family Camping Must Haves

Family camping must haves

I’m excited to share this post with you. It’s summer and my hands are full with keeping the kids busy.

Camping is right around the corner for us so it’s a perfect time to share on my blog.

My husband and I have had our fair share of fun when it comes to camping. Being together 12 years we finally have learned what works for us and our now a family of 5.

Sharing from our experience are we in now way are perfect at camping.

I hope these camping must haves for our family are helpful for you and your family.

Camping with our family can be summed up into this quote:

“Camp where your kids can get outdoors, discover and explore”

_Camp where your kids can play, discover and explore._

If you like my camping posts, ask your camping questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.  Or maybe there’s a camping topic you would like me to cover, post your blog post in the comments or message me.

Camping Must Haves

1: Travel Trailer

We did 10 years camping with a tent. 

The final time we camped with our kids in a tent, our air mattress deflated the first night. Our oldest kept falling in between the tent wall and his air mattress and our toddler was almost 2 big for the pack and play.  As much as my hubby could stand in our tent we were DONE.

2nd summer with our travel trailer and I’m so thankful we took the plunge and bought it.

The full Travel Trailer Tour is here.

2: Storage Bins

IMG_9234Even if your tenting, BINS BINS BINS!! Yes we have a trailer now, the storage spaces are limited so I still rely on bins for toys and little kids clothes (etc).

We have an open shelf just above our kitchen table/bed where this sits. Traveling is have to stay down.

The toy bin helps keeping the toys OFF the floor.  Kids clean up toys at home, camping is no different.

3: French Press

(this made the top 3).

IMG_9265 (2)

Morning coffee by the lakeside, need I say more?

4: A Good Kettle


IMG_9263 Kettle

Even with a trailer and having access to hot water is great.  Still, having a good kettle helps for those many things, like coffee!!

5: Dutch Oven


This is still new to us. My husband is wanting to get a charcoal BBQ for our trailer. Added bonus I can pre-make meals, pop them in the dutch oven and cook away. SO many great camping meals to be made, just like chocolate cake!


Bonus: Having a Travel Trailer helps with bringing full size products along. All the travel size bottles honestly never get used up.