Notefull Living Blog Update

Hey Everyone,

I thank you so much for your patience, as I have not written in a LONG time.

Where have I been? At the Barn, with the animals. That’s the short version, more on that later.

I realized I’m way overdue for a Blog Post and hasn’t published one since the new year has started and there’s lots of reasons.

Most of my viewers know I’m a stay at home mom with 3 kids. My family has needed my full attention recently and I know my blog would always be there to pick up and write again when I was ready too.

On that topic of being online and having my own website. The online space has become incredibly horrible place to be over the past 2 years.

On another personal note I am someone who naturally processes and looks at anything I’m offered…. the current world events has been slightly exhausting. I have a deeply caring heart and don’t like seeing people in pain. There’s a whole lot of healing and restoration needed in our world today.

As a Christian, I’m glad I walk with the ONE who has the power and authority to bring us through this difficult place. I share more on my Praise and Worship Coach Channel .

Home Reno Update

We are RENOVATING again!! Here’s a sneak peak. It’s small space, but it’s made a huge impact for our family. This is a never before seen area of our home. This is the basement entrance from the garage to our home.



The shelf is reclaimed wood from the old fence on our property. My husband is super handy with tools and sanded the wood down and finished it with wax.

Here’s another angle, finally a mud room.

Still a work in progress as our home always is. My Husband jokes he is wanting a brand new home next time. We bought low in the market with a home that needed some extra work. Work it sure is.

There is lots of other things we’ve been working on. One post at a time. You get to enjoy the journey.

Blog Expanding…NEW Possibilities?

Home and Garden Consulting?

I get asked ALL the time…

‘Carrie can you help me with this space….?’

Please COMMENT if this is of interest to you? I’m still working out the kinks. I’m not a professional, just someone who loves making a home a HOME. I must add, on a BUDGET. Yes, that annoying ‘B’ word, I promise it makes all the difference.

I have several spaces and one garden plan set up with friend’s to get started and I’ll give you an update once I have more things worked out.

New Adventures

As I’ve shared earlier my family needed me and I knew my blog had to wait. During this time a blessing came into my life, a long time dream. Horses…

2021 was a year of grieving (lots of loss), chaotic weather (massive wildfires and floods) and HOPE with new beginnings. That’s best way I could describe the year. During hard times you learn who your people are.

My friend invited me in the fall to come ride her horse and aside from battling the floods and both being stay at home moms with young kids…. we are at the barn together each week.

I could easily post tones of animal photos from the adventures at the farm, especially when the evacuated cows from the BC Floods where there.

I will add this, it’s light a fire inside I thought was long gone. I look forward to start collecting my own gear to be around horses more.

I’ll end my blog post there.

I’m BACK. Feels great to hit publish! Until the next post!

Carrie Plantinga

Home and Garden Blogger

Author: Notefull Living

Hi, My name is Carrie. I'm Canadian and live in the Fraser Valley outside of Vancouver BC. Notefull Living is my blog about our Home and Garden. I’m a Wife, Mother of 3, I'm passionate about my family and providing a good home and healthy lifestyle. I Hope you enjoy learning about my life with tips that are useful or noteworthy for your own home.

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