Home Renovations During Difficult Times

What a title right? However this blog post is actually a FULL circle moment here. This blog was birthed…yes, birthed from a place of grief for me.

I need to come back to doing this and that is sharing Noteworthy Tips. This Blog and my Story has had a lot do with grieving and moving forward. Home Reno’s and grieving for me…have gone hand in hand.

When I lost my Job in 2011 we lived in our townhouse that we were renovating. Bring on that sweat equity, like we are now. I was broken hearted, this job seemed like a DREAM JOB. I told my husband I was going to rip down the wall paper in the staircase. It actually came down super fast and my moment for getting my frustration out ended super quick. I’m actually super lucky the glue was old on this wall paper and it came off in sheets, instead of tearing.

When we lost our Baby at 17 weeks during pregnancy in 2014 within 3 days after giving birth we started working on projects. I mean, my husband did. I was out on the couch in pain. I remember him asking me what he could do to help me? I turned around and said, ‘put the shelves up’. He did it and this became the push to get our reno’s completed and list our townhouse on the market.

In May a close family member for a cancer diagnosis and in march 2021 we had to put down our family pet. We have had fish die, however putting out dog down wasn’t easy. I’m not up for sharing all the details. Let’s just say we learned a lot during this process and our family needs time to heal.

Just like all the other times when life gets rough, my husband and I move forward into a project. Our dog actually had destroyed the fence behind the hedge and it needed to get done. It was turning into a hazard for our kids too.

Well, speaking of difficult times. I haven’t posted much on my blog because so much horrific stuff has been happening. I’ll explain more soon.

I truthfully wrote this post intended to be published in march…Here’s the after picture of the fence.

Well…Difficult times hit harder this year then expected. Our province got hit with Wildfires which affected our summer holidays. It was a wild ride trying to get to places and a whole town burned behind us as we traveled. Just recently the town we live in got hit with MAJOR flooding. My husband spent the last couple weeks keeping his work dry and I was helping at a local farm, hosting friends who were displaced and dog sitting.

But, amongst all this…we bought some stuff for an upcoming reno. One I haven’t shared on here yet.

Amongst all the chaos this year we still found Joy. The kids got a dirt bike and we added a new family pet. Plus the year isn’t over yet and there still might be a reno that gets completed before this year is over.

Had to share this one last adorable photo of our new kitten. She came to us around Fathers Day weekend. she’s much bigger now.

It’s probably the most cliché thing to say this. When life gets difficult and you have a home like ours that needs renos. It’s ok to feel burnt out and overwhelmed.

Take a break, and keep going.

A home is a place to be in the good times and the difficult times. I have so many friends and family gutting their homes and barns from the recent floods. My heart just breaks knowing the journey they have ahead.

I just try and remember to be grateful and thankful for what we have. Even if all the reno’s aren’t done.

Blessings and a Merry Christmas.

Carrie Plantinga

Home and Garden Blogger

Author: Notefull Living

Hi, My name is Carrie. I'm Canadian and live in the Fraser Valley outside of Vancouver BC. Notefull Living is my blog about our Home and Garden. I’m a Wife, Mother of 3, I'm passionate about my family and providing a good home and healthy lifestyle. I Hope you enjoy learning about my life with tips that are useful or noteworthy for your own home.

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