Vegetable Garden Planning

Hello! Lots is happening here at our home in the Fraser Valley of Beautiful BC., Canada. Technically we aren’t allowed to leave our area so we have been working hard at our backyard and garden.

This year I’m actually being somewhat organized. More then I ever have, and I’m already noticing a huge difference. Always write your goals down as to what you want to do for you garden (or any project) and get to work.

Yard Preparation

First things first…FIX MY MISTAKES. I wrote a raised bed mistake blog post last year. I was NOT doing another year with an invasive plant coming up.

I dug down and buried cardboard like I should have done and so far nothing has come back up.

Next, We made MORE GARDEN SPACE. I have a BIG goal of making our property a suburban homestead while still having space for the kids.

I can’t wait to share the final reveal for this area. It’s changed so much already. If you watch the video at the end of this post on YouTube you will see more of what we did.

Here’s how the raised bed is today. It’s needs some maintenance for weeding but no more invasive plant.

DIY Vegetable Garden Planning

Anyone else just throw some seeds in pots and water and hope for the best? This is how I used to be. I just bought seeds and just went with it. Not this year. I felt strongly last year for plant more and learn a better way to grow food for my family.

This is the most simple and EASY way to plan. It’s never too late to make one of these.

I literally just bought a binder (white with clear plastic slip cover) from the dollar store. Grabbed some gardening magazines and some paper and tabs. With the gardening magazines I found words that fit my goals and pictures I’m inspired by for my garden.

I now have a planning binder. For barely any money and simple.

I created a map of our backyard. I have to update this as we have planted more trees and such.

I also made tabs for Seed Inventory, Planting Log, Gardening Goals and Garden Maps. Make tabs for whatever you feel fits for what you want to keep organized.

Have fun with this. Each Garden is unique because we are all different people. I l hope this was helpful to you in your gardening journey.

Here’s a video with more of how our yard is currently with a sneak peak of our new fence. There’s much more to come. Subscribe to the Blog and My YouTube Channel for upcoming content.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Carrie Plantinga

Home and Garden Blogger

Author: Notefull Living

Hi, My name is Carrie. I'm Canadian and live in the Fraser Valley outside of Vancouver BC. Notefull Living is my blog about our Home and Garden. I’m a Wife, Mother of 3, I'm passionate about my family and providing a good home and healthy lifestyle. I Hope you enjoy learning about my life with tips that are useful or noteworthy for your own home.

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