It’s November 11, 2020. I have a message to share with you Today.

Today I need to pause my usual writing about our home and garden in the Fraser Valley and share something on my mind that needs to be shared.

Today is Remembrance Day. My husband is home and we watched the ceremony that was done in Ottawa on TV this morning with our kids. It’s the closest thing we could do this morning to participate aside from being silent at 11am and wearing a poppy.

Our son actually hand made poppies for the entire family this morning.

One of my grandfathers served in the army and another one hid. Both are passed on now. The one who hid had a disability and wasn’t able to serve even though he was old enough. I’ve also heard stories of soldiers living with one of the families. I don’t remember all the details anymore, that’s just the nuts of bolts of it.

Knowing my family is connected to the wars of the past makes remembrance day all the more real.

Remembrance Day is a Holiday that we as a family stand up and remember.

Notefull Living

Thing is (not everyone will agree with what I’m about to share), war is happening all around us, not everyone is aware of it. I’ve never been ashamed for my relationship with Jesus.

There’s a spiritual war raging all around us and I would think from seeing our world lately, even if they don’t believe in Jesus, can all see the intensity of evil happening.

So why write about Remembrance Day and Jesus?

The word Remembrance is something I grew up hearing a lot. Not just for Remembrance Day. In Church we had a massive table upfront with the inscription ‘Do this in Remembrance of Me’. I would watch the pastor break bread and theatrically pour ‘juice’ from a nice looking jug into a metal cup.

As a kid this was just something I saw our church do and my parents participate in what is known as ‘ The Lords Supper’. As an Adult I witnessed many different ways churches did this.

One church was so small we passed a loaf around. Another church we stood in a circle with others passing the bread and juice. We would say to each other “Christ’s body broken for you” and “Christ’s blood shed for you”. Yes – sounds gross but the significance is huge.

Here’s the thing: The Bible is a LOVE story FILLED with war stories. It’s also filled with warning, prophecy and instruction on how to battle spiritual warfare, particularly in Ephesians 6.

As I said – I’m not ashamed for believing in the truth. The Spiritual warfare in my own life has intensified this year and I’m so grateful for those who have put on their armor/gift (of deliverance) and with the Holy Spirit are helping me fight.

One of the best examples of War on this earth and Faith is from a movie called Hacksaw Ridge. Which I plan to watch tonight after I publish this. True story of a soldier fighting in world war 2 and he saves many wounded soldiers while praying out loud to God “Let me just find one more”, He proceeds find and repel 75 wounded soldiers over a ridge.

In our country in Canada we have one day a year that we pause and remember those who have fought in war. Everyday as a Follower of Jesus I stand and fight with the armor of God and Pray for just one more soul to turn to Him.

On my blog I share about our Home and Garden. The more I share on here the more you will see we don’t live like the ways of our culture. I have no words to describe our world, it’s sure looking and sounding more like Sodom and Gomorrah from the Bible. The Bible doesn’t really explain what it was like before Noah built his ark, before God wiped out all the wicked.

For those tired of waiting, He’s coming. I’m not called to be ‘of’ the world just live ‘in’ it till Christ Returns.

I hope you have read this far to the end. I’m sure I’ve lost a few along the way.

I wasn’t expecting to write this post today, but this message needs to be heard. Even if this post helps “just one more”, like Desmond in World War 2.

Remember – There is a war raging all around us, God has already won. What’s happening in our time isn’t really a surprise, it’s all written in the Bible. He’s coming soon.

Peace be with YOU,


I’m expecting this post to be deleted from certain social media networks, if this has resonated with you and you want to share this, e-mail this post.

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