Basement Design Plans

Our basement is starting to take shape! Yes – we are only focusing on ONE wall right now. As it is with any reno just the act of getting started is exciting to know your making progress for a better home.

I can already tell as a family we are missing this extra space. Especially with it being colder the kids don’t play outside and we are all inside in each others space.

Our trailer will be winterized soon and picture like this one with the boys on the lake in our fishing boat in September are now just fun memories of summer.

Add COVID into this where we can’t really see anyone at the moment – we are all super cozy and getting closer as a family. We are seeing lots of blessings during all this.

Basement Update

Here’s the wall and what it’s looked like for the last 6 years. I’m NOT missing this at all. Did it function, yes, but we’ve learned we made a good choice to open it up with the issues we found – just like any reno.

Here’s the wall all after all the demo. A blank canvas. I was excited for the next step. FYI – Any home reno you do on your own takes TIME. This room sat like this for a few months during the summer after we did the demo.


Once that insulation went into the fireplace the room got INSTANTLY warmer. Even though the room is a construction zone, we enjoy being down there now that it’s warmer. Plus, we are coming into winter and this room is warm, it’s just awesome.

Design Plans

I’m not a designer and as much as I write a blog and now have started with YouTube this year I like being hands on. I’ve tried putting my designs into google sketch up over the years and I just like drawing it out.

Obviously there’s a TV in the center of the wall. The brown lines are live edge shelves. The ‘bear’ picture (4 year old thought it was a pig), is covering the electrical panel. The cabinet on the bottom of the wall is from Ikea. We looked long and hard to find something that fit for an affordable cost.

We learned we have a gas line coming down out of the ceiling. So we made a bulkhead that goes all the way across this wall. We will be installing 4 lights that will light up this wall.

If this was hard to understand, I explain it more on the video on YouTube found here:

It’s a day off tomorrow and there’s already been lots of progress since I made this video. Tomorrow we remember those who died during war and will hold a moment of silence at 11am, and keep working at it.

I hope you enjoyed this little update. I personally greatly appreciate watching others renovate their homes. It’s great to see how it all comes together.

Have a great day!

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