Our NEW 2021 Forest River Grey Wolf RV

This might be a bit OFF topic on my blog. However family time and camping is a huge part of our life here at Notefull Living. We counted the days this year that we have been RVing and it’s 25 and counting.

We SOLD our old RV Trailer last month and bought a NEW 2021 Forest River Grey Wolf.

RV Tour

We have already taken it out for a camping trip and the FIRST night we had it home we slept in it.

Our Dog Kona wasn’t too sure what to do with all the space it has now.

Why Forest River?

1: Table and Banquet are bigger.

2: Fire Place

3: Built in ladder for the bunks

4: BUNKS! These bunks are huge and have a big opening to climb in.

5: Access the bathroom and kitchen with the slide in while traveling

Traveling tip: Eat your own food on the road. Saves you LOTS of money and much healthier then fast food.

Notefull Living

6: STORAGE: I’m so happy with our little bedroom. I can stand by the bed and just get something from the cupboards above the bed. Our old trailer – which I don’t miss – I had to jump on the bed.

Plus there’s the pantry – storage under the banquet and the outside storage is great. Plus a rack on the BACK of the trailer so we can store our BIKES!

My DIY RV Decor fit right in on top of the fireplace! Click on the link to get the FREE printable welcome sign.

Last and final reason why we bought this trailer:

7: It’s our anniversary gift! My husband and I rarely buy gifts for each other and sacrifice a lot for our family. This trailer means lots of family adventures ahead.

While cleaning our daughter wanted to hangout in the bunks.

Watch the full video Here:

Do you own an RV? Do you go Camping?

I love hearing where people go camping.

Comment below the places you have been!

Author: Notefull Living

Hi, My name is Carrie. I'm Canadian and live in the Fraser Valley outside of Vancouver BC. Notefull Living is my blog about our Home and Garden. Iā€™m a Wife, Mother of 3, I'm passionate about my family and providing a good home and healthy lifestyle. I Hope you enjoy learning about my life with tips that are useful or noteworthy for your own home.

4 thoughts on “Our NEW 2021 Forest River Grey Wolf RV”

  1. Looks fabulous! We have a Forest River 23FBKS Micro Lite. We bought it in October 2018. Of course, I have a blog about our travels (and other stuff). We have been very happy with our Forest River. I look forward to reading your future posts!


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