The Ultimate DREAM HOME

2020, what a year.

I’m taking a moment to share something about our home and a part of my life that I cautious to share on the blog.  However with recent events in our world, I’ve felt this intense pain from all over.

Knowing my personality (Highly Sensitive/Empathetic) I felt compelled to open up and share this.

The Ultimate DREAM HOME

What’s this about?  Just a disclaimer there’s no literal home and garden tips today. Read to the end to understand what I mean. I hope at the end you can understand how this fits with the ultimate dream home.

Here’s a fact about OUR home: It’s an OPEN DOOR!


Our dream for our home was for it to be an open door to family and friends.  For our kids friends to come and be the HUB home. It’s something my husband family does and it’s a GIFT we wanted to carry out for others who come into our lives.

It’s been incredible journey opening our doors to international students for over 7 years. Hosting many friends and family visiting from out of town. Yes – It’s possible to fit a family of 6 in our basement. FYI we have one shower in this house.  We hope to change that.

Enough about our home. Let’s pause for a moment and think about the ultimate DREAM HOME.

IMG_3050 (2)

I made a vision board for my Arbonne business back in 2013. Little did I know most of the board is true today.

Here’s where things about my view have changed…

A DREAM home has nothing to do with how great the decor is or the latest Reno – it’s the PEOPLE that make a HOME.

I was brought up with this and never understood it until recently.

Also, another important fact is:

It’s the HEART of the individual and how they live out their lives that creates their own DREAM HOME.

Our heartbeat is what keeps us going everyday. Let me share something about my own life to see how my home/body was broken.

How I almost lost my life

I’ve personally had near death experience over the years.  Going through that was more then I could take which broke me to my core. Not to get into too much here, however pregnancy for me has either been staring death (severe preclampsia) in the face for myself or my future children. Laying frozen and unable to move in a Hospital bed with our first, going through our Pregnancy Loss  and almost loosing my third baby (pictured below) was more then enough. Being in full active labor I needed to go into surgery as my son almost had no heartbeat. I’ll never forget having a mask put over my face and crying out to God as everything blacked out. 

Back to this HEART of the individual, I’m not talking like a literal, physical heart surgery. I did NOT like the person I was and people could pick up on how BROKEN HEARTED I was. 


I could try put on a mask and a ‘happy’ face, however people saw through me after a while. I was heavily watched and monitored through this pregnancy (pictured above) with deep concern from my doctors about my mental health. They could see and hear what was really in my heart with the words I spoke.


I don’t know how else to put it.  Can’t put it any other way, and trying to keep it simple.

I’m not perfect and my broken heart still needs HEALING.  Your a witness to this reading my blog to my healing process and you don’t even know it.

Here’s a picture of our daughter in the memorial garden for our little Gloria.  Our third (technically fourth) pregnancy I faced death yet again, this little girl is one whom we have longed for. When our first daughter died, I was coming to accept our boys whom I love, Someone was still missing.

In my next post I’ll share about how we almost lost her too.

IMG_0515We ALL have our own story of a broken home, or a broken heart which can lead to feeling like a dream home or a dream life isn’t possible.

So, I hope you can hear how the Ultimate DREAM HOME and what I’m talking about has nothing to do with a magazine worthy home that’s beautifully decorated.

Do you want the ultimate dream home? Healing from within needs to happen.

I’m surrounded ALL THE TIME, by those who are hurting and their homes/hearts are BROKEN.  People close to me are hurting and it’s so hard to watch/witness.  Wow 2020 is sure a raw reality of how hurt our world is.

Those who know they can come and talk to me, do.  It’s a gift I’ve fought and never understood until recently. Hears a truth I’ve come to know.

 The ultimate DREAM HOME, begins with YOU.


If watching the news wasn’t painful enough before, it’s gut wrenching what’s happening. Pain on this earth and in our world has been around for years/centuries.

I’m so sorry to each and every person that’s enduring pain in their lives today. I truly am, this isn’t some FLUFF post to get views or recognition. I only can share my own personal pieces to share that you can overcome what your going through.

I’m truly SORRY that you are suffering. I’m sorry that through your struggle that an attempt to have a MOMENT to have any sort of DREAM life or HOME seems completely unreachable.

IMG_0844It’s my PRAY for YOU that your HEART starts healing, in the smallest way today. I PRAY that your HOME starts healing. May you and those in your home receive the same. One person at a time our world heals.

The ultimate dream home is possible.  Don’t give up hope.

My healing (still needs lots of work) heart is only made possible through my faith in my heavenly father.

Writing this blog is another form living out that OPEN DOOR dream that my husband and I have. I hope sharing this post gives you insight to where my hearts at.

img_9022I am today living in my ultimate dream home – because of the person I have become through my own healing. My ultimate dream home still needs work (both in my heart and in my actual home). There’s some GOOD transformation reno’s coming up on the blog!!

If anyone hasn’t told you today – You are LOVED. Don’t forget that, when we are hurting it’s easy to forget that people out there care for you.

I can only lift up this hurting world up in prayer and hope that people reading this post don’t give up hope on their ULTIMATE DREAM HOME.







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