5 Family Camping Must Haves

Family camping must haves

I’m excited to share this post with you. It’s summer and my hands are full with keeping the kids busy.

Camping is right around the corner for us so it’s a perfect time to share on my blog.

My husband and I have had our fair share of fun when it comes to camping. Being together 12 years we finally have learned what works for us and our now a family of 5.

Sharing from our experience are we in now way are perfect at camping.

I hope these camping must haves for our family are helpful for you and your family.

Camping with our family can be summed up into this quote:

“Camp where your kids can get outdoors, discover and explore”

_Camp where your kids can play, discover and explore._

If you like my camping posts, ask your camping questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.  Or maybe there’s a camping topic you would like me to cover, post your blog post in the comments or message me.

Camping Must Haves

1: Travel Trailer

We did 10 years camping with a tent. 

The final time we camped with our kids in a tent, our air mattress deflated the first night. Our oldest kept falling in between the tent wall and his air mattress and our toddler was almost 2 big for the pack and play.  As much as my hubby could stand in our tent we were DONE.

2nd summer with our travel trailer and I’m so thankful we took the plunge and bought it.

The full Travel Trailer Tour is here.

2: Storage Bins

IMG_9234Even if your tenting, BINS BINS BINS!! Yes we have a trailer now, the storage spaces are limited so I still rely on bins for toys and little kids clothes (etc).

We have an open shelf just above our kitchen table/bed where this sits. Traveling is have to stay down.

The toy bin helps keeping the toys OFF the floor.  Kids clean up toys at home, camping is no different.

3: French Press

(this made the top 3).

IMG_9265 (2)

Morning coffee by the lakeside, need I say more?

4: A Good Kettle


IMG_9263 Kettle

Even with a trailer and having access to hot water is great.  Still, having a good kettle helps for those many things, like coffee!!

5: Dutch Oven


This is still new to us. My husband is wanting to get a charcoal BBQ for our trailer. Added bonus I can pre-make meals, pop them in the dutch oven and cook away. SO many great camping meals to be made, just like chocolate cake!


Bonus: Having a Travel Trailer helps with bringing full size products along. All the travel size bottles honestly never get used up. 


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