Spring Break Ideas for Kids

Spring Break Ideas for Kids

Since I last shared about being a parent and spring break coming up so quick I had to write this post.

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Since I’m sharing about life with kids today. I’m not sharing cute staged photos just real life. Because we all need to see that sometimes.

Last year my son was part time kindergarten so I still had him home enough that Spring Break and Christmas break felt normal. Now he’s in full time school and Christmas Break is full of family get together’s BUT Spring Break is not.

Some of these Spring Break Ideas for Kids is already set to go in our home all year round.  This really came in handy when my son had almost a full week off for snow days recently.

My time in working in both Public and Private schools as a Teachers Assistant has sparked a lot of these ideas within my home. Here’s my ‘Ready Set Go’ list and ‘Spring Break Wish list’ ideas to help make it Spring Break (or any unexpected school day off) fun and interesting.

Ready Set Go Activities:

These are always available, year round and kids can access at anytime. You may notice a IMG_0080simple look at this list, helps kids be more creative.

As I shared, this is a real life look at what our kids cupboard looks like.

  1. Coloring Books – Fit in the DIY book holder.
  2. Pencil Crayons, Crayons and Felts in easy (Dollar Store or DIY) to clean up containers.
  3. Scrap Paper – Printer paper gets expensive FAST. Can always use the backside of paper.
  4. White Erase Books – I have a mini collection from Usborne Books. Any book section in stores have them. Lots of options out there. We scored a great one at Costco last summer.
  5. Puzzles
  6. Play Dough – Make your own
  7. Spiro Graph
  8. Paints (Assisted and Supervised)
  9. Smart Games – Rush Hour for example
  10. Books – Library or used book store
  11. Play Room full with Toys and Games

Spring Break Wish list:

We made a summer wish list last year and it made summer a lot more fun and easier (manageable for mom). Why not do that for Spring Break too.

Got this idea from Fun Cheap or Free.

Ask your kids what they want to do? Here’s the response I got plus some extra ideas with a FREE printable.

  1. Play Dates – Always, seriously though start planning it now.
  2. Swimming – This was one of my sons top request.
  3. Flying a Kite was his next one. Honestly if the weather is right all outside activities are a GO!
  4. Make larger craft projects. Depends on your kid. Mine soak this up and love making bigger projects. Like a Dinosaur Habitat for exampleIMG_0081
  5. Movie Theater Date Night – All depends on what’s showing.
  6. Find out in your local area what’s happening for FREE.
  7. Print off worksheets, have fun practicing your reading skills with this cute Spring word matching activity! Check out Education.com for more reading activities! My son loves this page!

Here’s the FREE matching list with images_spring!

What would be on your wish list? Comment below with your ideas.

_My ultimate Spring Break wishlist is a vacation, with a beach_

I hope these things are helpful to you? Are you looking forward to spring break?  I know my 3 year old will love having his big brother home. I won’t mind my oldest distracting the other two so I can get stuff done.IMG_0078

What’s on my actual wish list – DIY projects and getting my garden planning started.

Picture above is my last real life moment. Happy I had my camera ready. “Mom look at my heart”.

Happy Spring!



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