August Birthdays

IMG_9634Sharing a family update today.  The end of summer is more then just busy with back to school, we have birthdays in our family.

Anyone else busy with August birthdays?

It’s a busy month, it’s not just summer holidays in the mix too.

Today is my birthday. A big shout out to all my other birthday buddies in the world.


Happy Birthday

3 years ago this date was also my seconds sons due date.  He is the only one of my kids that’s gone overdue, so thankfully we don’t share the same birthday. Having birthday’s close in the family makes for interesting family get together’s. I have lots of nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts and cousins with August birthdays.

My Aunt and I share the same day!

Does being a year older make me wiser?  That always is my grandfathers question.  He’s 96 years old, I think so.

How I celebrate my birthday today is very different then how I used to. As a kid I counted down the days in August. A teenager, I learned where the present hiding spots where. End of August birthday also meant no one was around for your birthday party as they were all going on that one last holiday with the family.

When I graduated, it meant the first week of college was literally a week away. Just after I turned 22, I was getting married in a few short weeks.

For a short time when we first got married I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday, it’s just another day, NO IT’S NOT. Why bothering sharing this. Believing your not worth it is a dangerous mind set to live with.

Celebrate YOUR day. Your worth it.


Today, as I said, I’m celebrating differently then I used too.

I texted my husband spontaneously and we had lunch together as a family. Dream come true, that was never possible before. I put on my favorite earrings, summer dress and did my makeup. After lunch we picked out candies at the old fashioned store and sat at the park across the street and enjoyed our treats.

My oldest asked me today when my friends where coming over, “isn’t that what your supposed to do?“. I also bought a bunch of sunflowers from the flower stand in the little village.

“Mom, your friends are supposed to buy you flowers, not you”……

On the drive home I told him I was having lunch with my friends. It’s my hope that when your older you will see me more then just a parent but a friend you can always talk too.

Side note: Fighting in families isn’t fun, it makes for birthdays and other special occasions especially difficult.

The day isn’t over yet, looking forward to what’s ahead.

Again, if your birthday is today, August 28, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Remember: celebrate YOUR day, YOUR worth it.

Home Tour update: I’ve learned attempting to photograph the kids rooms on top of regular family life is quite the challenge.  You will see more once it’s done.

It would be great if you could follow my blog. I also am on social media with Facebook and Instagram.

Have a great day, I know I will.





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