Career Path in Music

Career Path in Music

I advertise on my blog bio and on my social media pages that one of my topics is music. Here’s a brief intro about my career path in music.

‘Career Path’ is a great way to describe having a career…..we are all on a path.

Graduating high school in 2004, I went straight to college for a career in Music.  If you’re just finishing high school and want a career in music, it’s possible.  I played piano as a kid and in high school played mainly flute and clarinet (for a short time) in band.

Many people can question if you can ‘make money’ with a career in Music or seem unsupportive, but you know yourself best and what’s the right fit for you. I knew I played music well and was a passion for me.

I graduated Keyano College’s Musical Instrument Repair program (no longer available) in 2006.

Carries Pictures 234

I went to work in Vancouver right from college and apprenticed under a well-known Repair Technician and Musician, Bob Mac Donald. Bob became unwell shortly after I started working with him. In 2008 Bob, my music mentor and friend passed away, shortly after I left the shop.

I got married that fall and after working in another shop (closer to home), I learned working for someone else shop wasn’t for me. I closed up my toolbox and went back to school to become an Educational Assistant.

Even though I stepped away from a career in music, music has never left me.

I’ll admit, playing music wasn’t the same as fixing instruments, I missed it (I didn’t realize it at the time). So I stayed playing for church on a worship team. As I said before, you know yourself best and what’s the right fit for you. You will see more what I mean below when I talk about family.

2014 is the year we decided to sell our townhouse and move into a bigger house. We already had one child and wanted to continue to grow our family.

After house hunting for a long time, when I walked through the basement in our current home I saw my shop. My kids call it “mom’s garage”.  I’m still working to make this space mine and figure out how to make it fit.  It’s an awkward storage spot in our home.

Now that we are done having kids I finally feel ready to open my tool box again and expand my knowledge with tuning pianos. As I said before “working in a shop wasn’t for me”.

Having my own business/shop fits my life for my family.

Today I’m continuing to go on my path with a career in music.

Plantinga Music – is coming in the near future.

Theresa Lynn Photography 023-21.jpg

Last year I was making steps to get my music business started. Getting photos done was one of those things. Favorite memory was getting asked by someone if I played with the symphony, ummm no.

Thank You to Theresa Lynn Photography for doing this Photo Shoot at the River.

Shortly after taking the photo’s we became pregnant, so I had to put working on the business on hold for a bit. I started up this blog in the meantime, when it’s monetized, income from this blog will help our family and get tools/supplies for my shop.

You can follow my music adventures on: Instagram @plantinga_music 

I’m still working out this new “fit” with a young family.  One way I know I can make it fit is post useful and noteworthy tips for Music on the blog.

If you have any questions about my career path in music or a topic you want me to write about on the blog please contact me.





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