10 Father’s Day Reflections

Notefull living (3)Father’s Day is almost here again!

I love this photo for this blog post.  My first vision board I cut pasted a similar photo. Without realizing it I took the photo in the frame of my husband and our oldest on a camping trip.

This picture is a favorite to everyone in our home and sits on our bookshelf.

Following up with my Mother’s Day top 10 list it only makes sense to write a Father’s Day one.

I’ll keep this short and straight to the point. This list like the other one also reflects things I learned from my own dad but also other “dad’s” in my life.

I just want to make a quick mention I have a huge respect for men out there that long to be fathers.

10 Fathers Day Reflections:

1: How to use an Ax:  With a wood stove growing up, it only made sense all of us knew how to split firewood and make kindling.

2: Start a fire: Remember the wood stove from the first one…..or you taking a hot water bottle to bed and wearing extra layers.

Carries Pictures 501_LI
First Car and first accident. My dad helped me buy this car and…..fix it up.

3: Drive a standard: Well, we had farm vehicles on our property so I knew at a young age the concept….but my first car I learned on and owned was a standard.

4: Life’s an Adventure: As kids we had mini-bikes, go-carts, dune buggies, airplanes….

Let me take a moment to explain the airplanes.  Not model planes (yes we had those too), my dad built ultralights and we had to mow a runway in the field so he could fly and take us up in the sky.  Childhood memories were more adventures then just a memory.

5: Love your kids unconditionally: No matter what “worldly crap” your kids get themselves into.

Their still your kids, you still love them (even if you don’t say it).

6: Being There: Simply showing up when tragedy strikes for family and friends.

7: Hard working provider:  I was blessed with having a stay at home mom with all the work my dad did.

8: Demonstrating an incredible example of marriage vows: When they say “through sickness and health”, I’ve known and witnessed men in our family and stuff I’ve been through that my husband that these men have stood by, no matter what.

9: Family Leadership: Broken marriages aren’t something that’s common in either of my family or my husbands. I strongly believe that has in part to do with the strong family leadership in our families.

Personal Aside: I’m aware not all families have Family Leadership – It’s something that’s not respected as much in our society anymore. Working to make a difference and making that happen for your family or future family is fully possible. I got to share at my husband’s grandfathers 80th birthday to the whole family and said this, “It shows the great family leadership you demonstrate for your family or they wouldn’t all be here”.  My husband’s extended family gets together lots, it’s not something you see or hear about anymore.

10: Family Legacy:  Similar to family leadership it’s great to watch my husband who is now a Father, live out his family legacy.

Father’s Day might not be easy for everyone, we aren’t perfect people and we all make mistakes.

I hope reading this posts helps see the positive moments from the rough ones.

Happy Father’s Day.


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